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June 02, 2016

Adrian Batterby Lawyer


Adrian assisted us with a commercial litigation matter related to a family run business and resolved the dispute in 2 months despite our previous solicitor and barrister working on the matter without success for 2 years. He was detailed in his work and charged us a very reasonable rate. I would recommend Adrian to anyone needing a solicitor. [See More]

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May 24, 2017

Integrity Legal Specialists Pty Ltd


A pushy real estate agent told me to use the lawyer, Mai Dang for my sale of my unit. I thought there was no way in I would use anyone he introduced me to. I went to my previous lawyer and he told me it would take 2 weeks to get my contract done. I wanted things done quickly. I went on the internet, read the positive reviews on Whirlpool ab... [See More]

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