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March 09, 2019

Andrew Scali


Andrew Scali explained situation how it was and went through the brief of evidence , at the hearing he was incredible in his words and facts of the case , I was trembling with fear with the twists and turns in litigating and cross examining , he demolished the prosecutor and witnesses on the stand . We came out on top and was found not guilty in a br... [See More]

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January 21, 2020

Greg Meakin


I’ve been using Greg for years very confident nothing is a problem and the result s are great the cross examination is the best watching the other side getting caught out lying cops v dagher ,,,the money spent well worth it enjoyed every day the cop got grilled hard ,,, [See More]

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January 15, 2018

Aberdeen Lawyers


Suzanne and her team at Aberdeen were my rock during what was a very tormultuous time. Having a lawyer who is not only concerned with the case, but the individual, and helping manage the costs through the process was a godsend. I highly recommend Aberdeen. [See More]

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