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How to find a solicitor on ReviewSolicitors

Choosing the right solicitor for your situation is not simply important but vital for you to get the best possible outcome.

As ReviewSolicitors are independent, we can’t tell you which solicitor to choose. However, what we can do is give you the tools you'll need to make an informed decision. Through this site, you can get detailed information on each firm you're considering. More crucially, you can read reviews and recommendations that have been posted by other past customers of the firm to judge whether they are right for you or not.

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Is the solicitor suitable for my individual needs?

Solicitors have specialisms. For example, a solicitor may have particular expertise in family law, personal injury, conveyancing, commercial or wills and probate. When picking a solicitor, bear it in mind that he or she is unlikely to be an expert in all areas - you want to find the best person for your particular case.

If your case is extremely complex, then is he/she the best person to provide specialist legal advice?

Perhaps English isn’t your first language. In this case, you might need a solicitor who you can converse with in your native tongue. This can be extremely important to ensure you can provide all the information you need to your legal professional, as well as making sure you fully understand each step of the process.

For anyone who might use mobility aids such as a wheelchair or walking frame, does the solicitor in question have good disability access to their premises?

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Who can provide a recommendation?

One of the very best ways to find a solicitor is by word of mouth. Have any of your family or friends had the need to seek legal advice? Who did they use, and what are their thoughts on the outcome, service provided, fees etc.

Check out the reviews on our website for solicitors who might suit your needs. Good or bad, these are an essential way of discovering if the solicitor you’re considering has a good reputation.

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How much is this going to cost?

Fees can notoriously mount up, so it’s essential to speak to your potential solicitor at the earliest opportunity regarding this. Specifically ask the following:

Do they provide fixed fee options?
If so, what is included and excluded in this?
What is the total estimated cost of the completed works?
Does the solicitor require an amount on account at the beginning of the workload?
If not, will the total amount be due at the end of the process, or will you be expected to pay on a monthly/quarterly basis?
Do they offer the option to pay in installments?


Is the solicitor local?

With certain types of case, you may be able to deal with your solicitor purely by telephone, post or email. However, with others, it may prove important to be able to see your solicitor face to face. If that is important, you want a solicitor that meets your requirements that is local.

Also ask when the solicitor is open to visit. If you work full-time office hours, and these are the only times the solicitor is open, will you be able to take time off work to see him/her if necessary?

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Can you review past case records?

Whilst client confidentiality is naturally very important, this doesn’t stop a solicitor being able to provide you with their success rates in cases similar to yours. And as in any other line of work, a successful professional will be happy to give you the lowdown on their past accomplishments.

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Go with your 'gut' instinct

Because the nature of your legal issue might well require you to discuss personal – and sometimes intimate - circumstances, it’s crucial that you actually like the person you’re going to be dealing with. Remember, when you first make contact with a likely solicitor you should feel comfortable dealing with them. Some legal issues may require you to discuss very personal details so when choosing a solicitor you should often go with your 'gut' instinct. Do you feel comfortable dealing with them? Do they explain the various steps you will encounter during your case? Will they answer your questions in a professional and courteous manner? These are areas that are often overlooked but are actually very important.