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6 Customer Reviews


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Brad Added 5 months ago Report to admin
November 24, 2021 20211124115608

Thank you Sam, Kirsten and Zaparas Lawyers


I cannot recommend the team at Zaparas Lawyers any higher and in particular Sam Vasaiwalla whose professionalism, advice, guidance and support was nothing short of first class and played a big part in me winning my case and receiving a favourable outcome.
If you want a professional and dedicated team to look after you then Zaparas Lawyers us the way to go.

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Juma Added 5 months ago Report to admin
November 24, 2021 20211124090442

Positive Review


Detailed explanation of the requirements in addition to a thorough aid in helping me with my case. The lawyers are extremely well trained and approachable, with a positive attitude they were able to empathise with my concerns and provided impactful solutions. An overall great experience with a victorious result.
- Juma Askari

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Bojan Added 10 months ago Report to admin
July 23, 2021 20210723043739



Thanks to Matthew Andrews and his team at Zaparas . I highly recommend Zaparas lawyers.

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Akbar Ali
Akbar Ali Added 1 year ago Report to admin
March 16, 2021 20210316060916

Work Cover Claim


I had work cover claim with Zaparas lawyers from last more then 5 years and my case was settled last week I am really happy with the outcome during this worse time Zaparas Team treat me same as a family member honestly through all this bad time I am thankful of Team Zaparas once again I recommend 💯% if any one feel alone or need help about TAC or Work Cover Claim please contact Yianni or Nemra Raffoul they are very professional and honest the way Yianni is dealing great once again I am thankful of Barrister James as well who always gave me positive view God bless Team Zaparas

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Sudharshini Added 5 years ago 13 found this helpful Report to admin
March 10, 2017 20170310222358

Workcover Case/Choose a lawyer who will fight for you honestly.


My case is in final stages. When they took my cases, there were so many promises. Then I realized , the first person distrust me is this firm. They will put stuff into your mind that you are actually making drama or don't deserve a fair outcome or judgement. They advised me with the motivation to fail my case. Unfortunately my case is a strong case, so they had to put so much effort to drop this case and be stubborn more and more towards me. My case is going to court very soon, but it is very pathetic that you know sort of stepping to court with someone who doesn't have mustard level of motivation to support you. Guys, if you are injured at work and if you really love your family, make effort in finding genuine lawyers that your gut will say that these lawyers will value your suffering. I was in a confused state when I went to these lawyers and I have never had a communication with kind heart. All the terms were in $$$$$. You should never have a feeling of betrayal throughout. That is what I received through out so far. This firm has good reputation may be but I believe that it is your luck whether you are going to be in their favourite list to show empathy towards you. My case has not gone to final stage but it has taken 3 yrs and all I received is disappointment/confusion.

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Younas Added 5 years ago 17 found this helpful Report to admin
August 29, 2016 20160829100916



I got injured at work in 2013. Yianni and Catherine Sim handled my claim since then. Recently, the judge's decision was against me though it is clearly stated in the judgement that I've been disabled. Yianni and Catherine didn't put any effort to fight for my case and didn't even bother to re-appeal. They have been really uncooperative during the last three years.

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