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4 Customer Reviews


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Ariin Added 2 years ago Report to admin
July 11, 2019 20190711030808

Thank you!


Neema has been amazing. He ensured l understood the process, best case and worst case scenario; followed up correspondence quickly and efficiently. He has been extremely professional; determined and an extremely valuable guide who has been able to make a stressful/emotional life event a smooth and relatively straight forward process. Highly recommend!

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Camil Added 2 years ago Report to admin
July 11, 2019 20190711010619

Purchase & Sale


After recently dealing with Neema Legal
I found Neema to be a very organised and knowledgeable Lawyer
His professionalism and fairness were some of his greatest assets and i recommend him to all of my friends

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David Added 2 years ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
July 07, 2019 20190707091519

Sale and Purchase


We were referred to Neema Legal by our listing agent who highly recommended Neema Legal to handle our sale. We were very pleased with the turn around time in preparing our documents for our sale. Once we had sold our home, we also used Neema Legal to advise us on a number of contracts prior to finaly securing our current home.

Neema Legal and thier team were prompt, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. We have no hesitation in recommending Neema Legal to our family and friends. We will be sure to use Neema Legal again.

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Son Added 2 years ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
April 28, 2019 20190428104618

The worse solicitor


I hired him as my solicitor when I purchased a house. Although I am a first home buyer, I trusted him so I did not read the contract carefully. It turned out that he was very irresponsible and treated me very badly. He told me that "everything is ok, no problem" and I should go ahead to buy the house. However, close to the settlement day, I realised that there were many things that did not state in the contract, which I expected he should have told me before but he did not, and I had to pay a lot of money for that. I asked him to contact the seller's conveyancer and he refused.
On the settlement day, the house was very dirty and the conditions were very different from the day I inspected. It was obviously unlivable. To convince him, I took pictures and asked him to negotiate with the seller and withheld some money until all the problems were fixed. Sadly, instead of standing on my side, he scared me that I had to do the settlement, pay all the fees and he was not responsible for those things. What the on earth he was doing for customers. It was a shame.
Don't use his service. He is dodgy.

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